22 March 2009

What's up in Penujak Bridge?

When I entered keyword "penujak" in google search engine, I found something funny there. The funny result is the one about penujak bridge at wikimapia. I don't know who post it, but it mentioned that it was last edited 24 month ago..!!!

If you wana know what is in that bridge, then keep reading . . .

Well, that post says that:"When you on your way to Kuta beach and your vehicle is on penujak bridge, than, if you're a man, than look to your right side. While if youre, female, look straight to your left."

If you do that, then if you're lucky then you'll see people are taking bath on the river. So what's wrong with that? I don't really know, but that take me to a memories when I was a child and keep founded tourist hanging around that bridge and bring their cameras.
Why should male and female should take a look into different spot? Thats because womens take a bath in the right side and mens on the other side. And you know what? People who take a bath there, were naked..!!!.

But I don't know wether people still did that or not, coz it was a long ago. :)
To find it out, I think you should stopped there if you're on your way to Kuta beach.

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Moh Sinardi said...

WEll, this bridge should be a good place to hangging out while looking for some inspiration on painting about native lombok villagers. :)