31 March 2009

Building Penujak from a Blog

Thats what I trying to do with this blog. Promote this "possibly brand new tourist icon in Indonesia".

Depending on some people who compare Bali Island and Lombok, they said that Lombok has plenty objects that has better quality than the ones in Bali. But those object should got more attention and much-much more promotion to the world.

One of those objects are Penujak Vilage...

In this village, local people made their craft called "gerabah". Before age, this craft were made for daily tools. For example: "ceret" uses to put water, just like nowadays bottles. But now, I couldn't find much people still use it. In facts using ceret will increase drinking water taste to become more fresh. You won't forget the taste if you'd tried it once. :)

Beside "ceret", locals also made "kemeq", "bong", and many other craft to use for themselfes. But, when this craft known by bussinesman, than Penujak's Gerabah came into different market. They made gerabah no longer based on local's daily purpose, but they started to made craft by orders.

Most design were from the one who order their crafts. Than new bussines came to those who has networks to the buyer of Penujak village's crafts. Local people who has skills to made those crafts were stood still in their original economic based. They just got paid cheap for every of their hand made ordered crafts. It's not include their rejected crafts after checked by distributors.

Now, from this blog, I would like to inform everyone who wanted to visit or probably incidentally visited Penujak on the next other time, please buy crafts straight to the local craft makers. They settled right behind artshops settled there. In order to bust their income, coz they live from farming and made craft to feed their childs and sent them to school.

I don't meant to told you not to came to art shop's around there, but if you wanna see more, please came "deeper" to the center of Penujak craft production kampoongs.

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