27 March 2009

Aim of This Blog

This blog main aim is to promote Lombok Island, especially Penujak Village to the world as well known tourism objects. Inspired by Sulang Online which build few years ago, I decided to build this blog on blogspot coz I focussed on promote tourism objects in Lombok Island which has quite good potention to be managed as advertising of hotels and many other related topics around tour and travel categories. Since wordpress.com don't allow to put javascript on their hosting, blogspot is my best choice to integrate with my adsense account.

May be you don't know it yet. In Penujak district now an international airport are on process. The runaway of this BIL (Bandara International Lombok or Lombok International Airport) allready accomplished above 80 percents of its full versions. Next year or so, this underconstruction airport will be larger than Ngurah Rai airport in Bali. It stand above more than 500 hectare of Lombok Tengah's land.

Beside that the concept of this airport will be a garden airport. Developer said that this is the first airport in the world that use this kind of concept.

When this airport operated, there will also kind of bungalows around the airport areas which used for VIP passenger to wait their plane(s). When their plane are ready, then a bus will pick them up to the plane. This will be a nice place to rest for people with high tension of activity. They could do a fast meeting of their bussines trip(s) over Lombok or Indonesia with their team, or just resting while planes are ready to take off.

In order to bust this airport construction, Indonesian government also involved here. Since it first time over, government of Indonesia very concern with this airport construction.

This airport planned to be constructed about 8 years or so. But it was stopped by investing problems. Since that, people who claims their lands become the most left sider of this airport construction. In early of 2006, government than make a move by gived their land additional payment. Some locals are rejected this fund, but they could do nothing. Developer allready hold lands certificate of ownerships. And the construction began as soon as investor(s) are ready.

Now, additional construction of this airport are on their move. This including road to Kuta beach which also under construction. The other roads pointing to this airport are also on their way. Beside that, hotels in Kuta and BTDC area are also preparing for this airport. Recent five star hotel that bein there for a quite long periods is Novotel Coralia. This hotel settled on Kuta beach area. You could search in their website to find out more about their hotel here in Lombok.

Finally, I hope this airport will finished soon, so tourist will come to Lombok just like 10 years ago. There are many opinions that I'd heard that Lombok's beaches is much more beautifull than Bali's. So, compete with Bali's profesionall tourist related people will started as this airport done. Just wait and see.

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