23 March 2009

Tepak, what is it..!?

Tepak is a kampoong that belongs to penujak village. It settled in a really hard to find place.

Tepak is my friends Ramli Ahmad's house. Her mother, brothers and siter is still at those place. Now, you'd find out that Tepak will soon be beside Lombok International Airport that allready in progress now. Well, even Tepak is so rural, but you won't find any difficulties when you bring your cellphone there. You could find good signal over Tepak. More over, you will find a good atmosphere there. Fresh air, naturall, and traditional farmers are walking around every day there.

Well, I never seen any tourist there. But if you'd like to visit this area you could try to ask your guide to take you there if you're in Lombok Island. Your way to get there is Bendungan Batujai property road. Right before Gas Station in Batujai Village, before you reached Penujak Village. There was a golf course there few years ago, but I don't know why this golf course been closed before it was finished..!!!

Or, if you're on your own -without local guide-, you could ask to local people. I don't know how english native speaker will say "TEPAK", but don't say it like "the pack", coz people won't understand it. Just write them this "TEPAK". You won't sorry to do a hard work to find it, coz it deserve it. You'll get a nice place, along the year. But you will hard to find pe0ple with english speaking ability there, coz most of the people settled there are farmers.

If you find your self at there, then just mention my friends name :"RAM" you say it as computers RAM's :-p. Or you also could mention my name. I known as "SINAR" there. :)

Well, hope someone who wanted to visited Lombok will read this post and put TEPAK as one of their travel plan.

2 komentar:

ardhie said...

Well, should came to tepak soon, if there're good places, don't hesistate to post a comments here or post it in your own blog or site.

Ramli Ahmad said...

Tepak is my kampoong
I leave there since I were kids as I remember.
But I can't remember since when exactly, but seems that I live there since my mother hasn't even thinking of making me.