22 March 2009

Hello World

Welcome to this blog

I created this blog coz I couldn't find any spesific infos about Penujak Village. The village where I was born. I try to write this blog in English in order to promote this well known pottery village.

This village is rarely visited by tourist recently, but I recall when I was on Elementary till Junior High School, I saw blonde people every day here. At least they use the track to reach Kuta beach (not only Bali who have Kuta, Lombok has it too). Since that, I really loved to watch english languages movies over my "ancient" TV's. I used that TV to learn on how to communicate in english. My english improve since.

But now, I'd never practice my english for quite long periods. Coz my lovely home village rarely visited by tourist. Beside that, I worked and live in Mataram now. And it bring me quite far from this village.

I finally made this blog with main hope is to promote this village to the world and bring more visitor to this village. I hope I could build some online shop for pottery that produced in Penujak Village. But that is just additional aim for this blog. The main is still to promote Penujak to the world.

Because my english is so bad, this blog won't have full english language contents. I will also post it in Bahasa Indonesia. And if there are people who wanted to translate it, I would be appreciated.

Finally, if you have any article that wanted to post here, I welcome you to contact me. You could find my contact details on the contact page.

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