31 March 2009

Bad News: Can't leave comments

This should be a bug I think. I could leave a comment in this blog. COuld you?
I can't find where to leave comments, I think this is all about the template. Should find out how to fix it. This should be aint difficult I think.

Sorry for the inconvienence. I should find out why ASAP.



Building Penujak from a Blog

Thats what I trying to do with this blog. Promote this "possibly brand new tourist icon in Indonesia".

Depending on some people who compare Bali Island and Lombok, they said that Lombok has plenty objects that has better quality than the ones in Bali. But those object should got more attention and much-much more promotion to the world.

One of those objects are Penujak Vilage...

In this village, local people made their craft called "gerabah". Before age, this craft were made for daily tools. For example: "ceret" uses to put water, just like nowadays bottles. But now, I couldn't find much people still use it. In facts using ceret will increase drinking water taste to become more fresh. You won't forget the taste if you'd tried it once. :)

Beside "ceret", locals also made "kemeq", "bong", and many other craft to use for themselfes. But, when this craft known by bussinesman, than Penujak's Gerabah came into different market. They made gerabah no longer based on local's daily purpose, but they started to made craft by orders.

Most design were from the one who order their crafts. Than new bussines came to those who has networks to the buyer of Penujak village's crafts. Local people who has skills to made those crafts were stood still in their original economic based. They just got paid cheap for every of their hand made ordered crafts. It's not include their rejected crafts after checked by distributors.

Now, from this blog, I would like to inform everyone who wanted to visit or probably incidentally visited Penujak on the next other time, please buy crafts straight to the local craft makers. They settled right behind artshops settled there. In order to bust their income, coz they live from farming and made craft to feed their childs and sent them to school.

I don't meant to told you not to came to art shop's around there, but if you wanna see more, please came "deeper" to the center of Penujak craft production kampoongs.

30 March 2009

Property search on Penujak Village

I think there should be quite much investors that searching for lands near Lombok International Airport location. But recently, finding those property that not been sold quite difficult. When they found it, prices are growing too high. While some other property owner don't wanna sell their property -me for example-, coz they want to build their own next view years.

Property rent has become good bussines grown around BIL's area. Honestly, I had quite good potitioning property located about 1 Km away from BIL. But unfortunatelly, I couldn't take this chance. I've been to busy with recent job. So, I didn't see this opportunity.

Well, this property of mine is in a good position to be rented. But I can't find out who would rent it..!!!
As I mentioned on this blog previous post, now I lived in Mataram coz I worked here. So I lefted my house settled in Penujak Village. My nephew is in that house right now, but I could negotiate with her to leave coz it's totally mine.

But I don't know wether there are any other renters would search for houses next day. Just keep wondering. I just need to got some money to buy laptops and GPRS modem in order to be a serious adsense publisher and other internet marketing.
Hope I could get that soon...

27 March 2009

Aim of This Blog

This blog main aim is to promote Lombok Island, especially Penujak Village to the world as well known tourism objects. Inspired by Sulang Online which build few years ago, I decided to build this blog on blogspot coz I focussed on promote tourism objects in Lombok Island which has quite good potention to be managed as advertising of hotels and many other related topics around tour and travel categories. Since wordpress.com don't allow to put javascript on their hosting, blogspot is my best choice to integrate with my adsense account.

May be you don't know it yet. In Penujak district now an international airport are on process. The runaway of this BIL (Bandara International Lombok or Lombok International Airport) allready accomplished above 80 percents of its full versions. Next year or so, this underconstruction airport will be larger than Ngurah Rai airport in Bali. It stand above more than 500 hectare of Lombok Tengah's land.

Beside that the concept of this airport will be a garden airport. Developer said that this is the first airport in the world that use this kind of concept.

When this airport operated, there will also kind of bungalows around the airport areas which used for VIP passenger to wait their plane(s). When their plane are ready, then a bus will pick them up to the plane. This will be a nice place to rest for people with high tension of activity. They could do a fast meeting of their bussines trip(s) over Lombok or Indonesia with their team, or just resting while planes are ready to take off.

In order to bust this airport construction, Indonesian government also involved here. Since it first time over, government of Indonesia very concern with this airport construction.

This airport planned to be constructed about 8 years or so. But it was stopped by investing problems. Since that, people who claims their lands become the most left sider of this airport construction. In early of 2006, government than make a move by gived their land additional payment. Some locals are rejected this fund, but they could do nothing. Developer allready hold lands certificate of ownerships. And the construction began as soon as investor(s) are ready.

Now, additional construction of this airport are on their move. This including road to Kuta beach which also under construction. The other roads pointing to this airport are also on their way. Beside that, hotels in Kuta and BTDC area are also preparing for this airport. Recent five star hotel that bein there for a quite long periods is Novotel Coralia. This hotel settled on Kuta beach area. You could search in their website to find out more about their hotel here in Lombok.

Finally, I hope this airport will finished soon, so tourist will come to Lombok just like 10 years ago. There are many opinions that I'd heard that Lombok's beaches is much more beautifull than Bali's. So, compete with Bali's profesionall tourist related people will started as this airport done. Just wait and see.

26 March 2009

Tumpahan Minyak di Pantai Kawasan Senggigi Beach Hotel

Kamis 26 Maret 2009 kemaren adalah hari raya nyepi bagi umat Hindu dan juga merupakan hari libur nasional. Dalam kesempatan ini, ponakan saya Zulkifli mengajak saya dan temen-temen di Gebang Baru untuk pergi ke Pantai. Kamipun meluncur ke kawasan pantai senggigi, tepatnya di kawasan pantai wisata senggigi beach hotel. Seperti biasa, kawasan ini sangat ramai pengunjung tatkala hari libur nasional atau hari minggu.
Mengingatkan saya pada kawasan BTDC di Nusa Dua, Bali yang selalu ramai saat hari libur maupun liburan sekolah.

Dengan mengenakan kaos kiriman bugiakso yang saya dapet dari blog competition bertajuk aku untuk indonesiaku yang dikirimkan awal maret kemaren sebagai kebanggaan saya sebagai seorang blogger. he..He..

Dari hasil "wawancara" saya dengan beberapa pengunjung -sebenernya sih bukan wawancara, tapi kenalan ma cewek-cewek "bening" disana-, mereka berasal dari seputaran pulau lombok. Ada yang dari Lombok Tengah, bahkan dari Lombok Timur. Sepertinya liburan nyepi yang cuman sehari ini benar-benar dimanfaatkan untuk refreshing oleh warga Gumi Sasak ini. Tak hanya di kawasan wisata Senggigi Beach hotel yang ramai oleh wisatawan lokal. Namun dikawasan pantai wisata lainnya di jalur senggigi juga tampak ramai oleh pengunjung. Saya tidak langsung sampai ke pantai Kerandangan, tapi saya yakin disana juga dipadati pengunjung karena selain pantai Senggigi Beach hotel, pantai Kerandangan adalah pantai favorit wisatawan lokal asal pulau Lombok, terutama dari Lombok Tengah dan Lombok Timur.

Saya berangkat ke Pantai Senggigi sekitar jam 3 siang. Sesampai disana saya tidak langsung "turun kelaut" karena saya tidak berniat untuk mandi dan tidak membawa pakaian ganti. Saya terlebih dahulu jalan-jalan menyusuri pinggiran pantai sambil membasuh kaki saya dengan ombak yang sesekali menyapu punggung kaki saya yang menggoda :-P. Dalam kesempatan itu saya mencoba "flirting" dengan gadis-gadis cantik dari berbagai wilayah pulau Lombok yang tengah bercengkrama di sana -padahal saya kesana sama istri juga :D -. Dasar "mental krupuk", saat gadis-gadis itu balik menggoda saya, sayapun mempercepat langkah saya meninggalkan mereka -cemen banget yah gw-.

Padahal saya "flirting" cuman dengan senyum sambil menatap mata mereka dengan tatapan ala "ardhie rachman" yang tebukti selalu berhasil membuat cewek-cewek "terkapar". Narses banget seh. Kemudian, saya kembali ke tempat istri saya dan istri keponakan saya menggelar tikar untuk duduk-duduk. Mereka tidak ikut mandi bersama yang lain karena istri ponakan saya membawa dua orang anaknya yang salah satunya masih bayi. Istri saya dan istri ponakan saya ganti-gantian menggendong vina -nama cucu saya :D- sementara saya asyik "cuci mata". Suami yang tidak sopan..!!!

Karena temen-temen belum selese menikmati berendam di air laut, sayapun tergoda dan segera menanggalkan baju saya dan menuju ke arah laut setelah menyerahkan kaos hitam dari bugiakso itu ke istri saya.

Karena saya tidak bisa berenang, sayapun mengambil sebuah ban dalam sebagai pelampung saya dari salah satu rental ban dalam disana. Keliatan banget kalo saya tidak bisa renang. Kesempatan itu kembali saya gunakan untuk merayu gadis-gadis yang bertebaran di sana. Rayuan-rayuan gombal pun keluar dari mulut saya. Namun, biar ga di"cekal" ntar malem ma istri, saya ga berani merayu mereka dari dekat, soalnya istri saya bisa melihat jelas ke arah saya dari tempat duduknya.
Dapet seh 3 orang yang bersemu merah setelah saya "membrendel" mereka dengan pujian bernada puitis. Halah. . . sok banget seh gw.
Cukup dah cerita flirting nya.

Saat saya berhasil merampas kano temen saya, saya pun mendayung lebih ketengah lagi. Disana saya menyaksikan pemandangan yang sangat mengganggu saya. Air laut tampak tercemar minyak. Saya menduga, minyak itu berasal dari salah satu atau lebih kapal yang tengah parkir didaerah sana. Sayapun mengambil sedikit air tersebut dan mencium air tersebut untuk memastikan ntu minyak apaan. Ternyata benar, itu adalah minyak solar. Karena saya juga pernah kerja di bengkel mobil, saya pun tidak terlalu asing dengan bau solar. Meski kuantitasnya tidak banyak, namun tumpahan minyak tersebut cukup mengganggu saya. Sempat terfikir untuk membawa korek api ketengah laut sana dan membakar minyak tersebut karena kesel dengan keteledoran pemilik kapal. Namun, karena banyaknya orang yang tengah berenang disekitar sana, kemungkinan terjadinya korban juga tidak sedikit dan sayapun membatalkan niat saya itu dan kembali mendayung dan mencari "mangsa" lainnya untuk saya rayu.

Kami pun pulang sekitar jam 17.15 dari sana dan setelah sampe rumah, badan-badan saya terasa pegel-pegel. Istri saya yang lagi hamil 3 bulan juga masuk angin. Acara malam itupun diisi dengan acara kerok-mengerok antara saya dengan istri saya. Sempat seh "maen" satu ronde, tapi istri saya mengeluh pegel dan karena mikirin jabang bayi kami dan kesehatan istri saya, dengan berat hati, saya yang belum mencapai klimaks pun akhirnya mengalah. Kamipun tertidur. Paginya bangunnya agak telat karena kelelahan kemaren. Akhirnya "morning sex" yang selalu kami lakoni pun terlewati.
Ntar dhe, kalo udah pulang dan istri saya udah sehat, gw ajakin lagi.

23 March 2009

Akibat Nonton Film Porno di HP, Bocah Setubuhi Teman Mainnya

Akibat menonton film porno di HP temannya, Kn (15 tahun) tak bisa menahan birahinya dan akhirnya melampiaskannya kepada teman bermainnya. Sebut saja nama gadis cilik tersebut bunga (11 tahun).

Kejadian ini terjadi di Giri Menang, Kabupaten Lombok Utara. Dari pengakuan tersangka, diketahui bahwa Bunga telah di setubuhinya sebanyak 5 kali di tempat berbeda. Kejadian terakhir dilakoninya pada tanggal 21 Maret 2009 kemarin.

Pihak keluarga yang curiga akan terjadinya pendarahan pada korban Bunga sehingga ia harus menjalani operasi serius. Kn kini di amankan di Polres Lobar untuk menghindari aksi anarkhis dari massa.

Kn kepada wartawan mengaku bahwa salah satu tempat ia pernah "menggagahi" bunga adalah di sawah. Saat itu ia kepergok temannya dan temannya tersebut pun mengancam akan melapor polisi. Namun, Kn yang putus sekolah sejak kelas IV SD tersebut tak sedikitpun menggubris ancaman temannya tersebut. Mungkin karena nafsu birahinya sudah tidak bisa terbendung lagi.

Kn yang berasal dari lembar ini membantah kalau perbuatan tidak senonohnya dengan Bunga dilakukan dibawah paksaan. "Saya tidak memaksa," katanya sambil menunduk. Namun, terlepas dari dipaksakan atau tidaknya, Kn harus mempertanggungjawabkan perbuatannya. Karena umurnya yang baru 15 tahun, ia dijerat dnegan Undang-Undang Perlindungan Anak, pasal 81, dengan ancaman hkuman penjara 3 sampai 5 tahun, serta denda Rp 60 sampai 300 juta.

Akibat pornografi dewasa ini memang sangat mengkhawatirkan. Saya teringat jaman saya kecil dulu saat diceritakan oleh teman-teman saya tentang seorang pria yang baru menikah dan tinggal ditengah hutan hingga dia tidak tahu bagaimana caranya bersetubuh. Namun sekarang, keadaannya begitu jauh berbeda. Anak SD bahkan anak TK sekalipun sudah bisa menjelaskan bagaimana cara berhubungan badan dengan cara bicara berapi-api.

Entahlah, apa harus HP yang dilarang beredar, atau bagaimana caranya untuk mengurangi kejadian-kejadian serupa. Karena ancaman hukuman yang saat ini sepertinya tidak membuat para pelakon pembuat, pengedar film mesum jera. Bahkan pekan kemarin sempat ada berita yang lumayan heboh dari tulungagung tentang siswi kelas 3 SMP yang sudah pandai melakukan oral seks dan merekamnya dnegan kamera handphonenya hingga akhirnya tersebar luas di masyarakat.

Mungkin, yang bisa dilakukan saat ini kemungkinan hanya dari pihak orang tua dengan menanamkan prinsip agama yang kuat kepada anak-anaknya. Selain itu, pihak sekolah juga hendaknya bisa memberikan pendidikan seks yang memadai kepada anak didiknya.

Pembicaraan tentang seks di Sekolah Dasar sudah tidak bisa dianggap tabu lagi jika kita menilik berita diatas. Daripada anak-anak kita mendapatkan pendidikan seks yang salah dan tidak jelas, alangkah baiknya jika pendidikan seks ini diberikan secara benar oleh institusi pendidikan kita sejak taraf Sekolah Dasar.
Setuju ga dengan saya,,!?

Tepak, what is it..!?

Tepak is a kampoong that belongs to penujak village. It settled in a really hard to find place.

Tepak is my friends Ramli Ahmad's house. Her mother, brothers and siter is still at those place. Now, you'd find out that Tepak will soon be beside Lombok International Airport that allready in progress now. Well, even Tepak is so rural, but you won't find any difficulties when you bring your cellphone there. You could find good signal over Tepak. More over, you will find a good atmosphere there. Fresh air, naturall, and traditional farmers are walking around every day there.

Well, I never seen any tourist there. But if you'd like to visit this area you could try to ask your guide to take you there if you're in Lombok Island. Your way to get there is Bendungan Batujai property road. Right before Gas Station in Batujai Village, before you reached Penujak Village. There was a golf course there few years ago, but I don't know why this golf course been closed before it was finished..!!!

Or, if you're on your own -without local guide-, you could ask to local people. I don't know how english native speaker will say "TEPAK", but don't say it like "the pack", coz people won't understand it. Just write them this "TEPAK". You won't sorry to do a hard work to find it, coz it deserve it. You'll get a nice place, along the year. But you will hard to find pe0ple with english speaking ability there, coz most of the people settled there are farmers.

If you find your self at there, then just mention my friends name :"RAM" you say it as computers RAM's :-p. Or you also could mention my name. I known as "SINAR" there. :)

Well, hope someone who wanted to visited Lombok will read this post and put TEPAK as one of their travel plan.

22 March 2009

What's up in Penujak Bridge?

When I entered keyword "penujak" in google search engine, I found something funny there. The funny result is the one about penujak bridge at wikimapia. I don't know who post it, but it mentioned that it was last edited 24 month ago..!!!

If you wana know what is in that bridge, then keep reading . . .

Well, that post says that:"When you on your way to Kuta beach and your vehicle is on penujak bridge, than, if you're a man, than look to your right side. While if youre, female, look straight to your left."

If you do that, then if you're lucky then you'll see people are taking bath on the river. So what's wrong with that? I don't really know, but that take me to a memories when I was a child and keep founded tourist hanging around that bridge and bring their cameras.
Why should male and female should take a look into different spot? Thats because womens take a bath in the right side and mens on the other side. And you know what? People who take a bath there, were naked..!!!.

But I don't know wether people still did that or not, coz it was a long ago. :)
To find it out, I think you should stopped there if you're on your way to Kuta beach.

Tiga orang tewas tersambar petir Pekan kemarin

Kaget gw leat tuh berita di berita siang ini, setelah di kagetkan juga oleh berita terbakarnya pesawat FedEx di GuangZhu, China. Secara, group perusahaan tempat saya bekerja juga termasuk perusahan cargo ini. Untung ajah bukan pesawat RPX yang jatoh, kalo pesawat RPX and jatohnya di bandara Selaparang, kan bingung...

Lanjut, di depok seorang pria yang sedang memancing, minggu 22 maret 2009 di danau UI tewas tersambar petir. Tubuhnya pun hangus terbakar. Selain itu petir juga menerwaskan Abdul Rahman saat bermain bola di lapangan saat hujan deras di Binjai. Sabtu sore, kep riau, puluhan orang terkena sambaran petir saat sedang menonton bola. Akibatnya, tubuh penonton yang tersambar petir mendferita luka bakar. Peristiwa ini juga menewaskan seorang siswi SMP.

Cuaca sekarang ini memang sangat rawan. Indonesia yang dikenal sebagai negara dengan "curah petir" yang cukup tinggi bisa menjadi berita menakutkan bagi anda yang senang mandi hujan. Ya, hati-hati ajah, mending berteduh kalo ada ujan, berteduhnya juga jangan lupa di tempat yang ada penangkal petirnya, jangan dibawah poon.

Hello World

Welcome to this blog

I created this blog coz I couldn't find any spesific infos about Penujak Village. The village where I was born. I try to write this blog in English in order to promote this well known pottery village.

This village is rarely visited by tourist recently, but I recall when I was on Elementary till Junior High School, I saw blonde people every day here. At least they use the track to reach Kuta beach (not only Bali who have Kuta, Lombok has it too). Since that, I really loved to watch english languages movies over my "ancient" TV's. I used that TV to learn on how to communicate in english. My english improve since.

But now, I'd never practice my english for quite long periods. Coz my lovely home village rarely visited by tourist. Beside that, I worked and live in Mataram now. And it bring me quite far from this village.

I finally made this blog with main hope is to promote this village to the world and bring more visitor to this village. I hope I could build some online shop for pottery that produced in Penujak Village. But that is just additional aim for this blog. The main is still to promote Penujak to the world.

Because my english is so bad, this blog won't have full english language contents. I will also post it in Bahasa Indonesia. And if there are people who wanted to translate it, I would be appreciated.

Finally, if you have any article that wanted to post here, I welcome you to contact me. You could find my contact details on the contact page.