30 March 2009

Property search on Penujak Village

I think there should be quite much investors that searching for lands near Lombok International Airport location. But recently, finding those property that not been sold quite difficult. When they found it, prices are growing too high. While some other property owner don't wanna sell their property -me for example-, coz they want to build their own next view years.

Property rent has become good bussines grown around BIL's area. Honestly, I had quite good potitioning property located about 1 Km away from BIL. But unfortunatelly, I couldn't take this chance. I've been to busy with recent job. So, I didn't see this opportunity.

Well, this property of mine is in a good position to be rented. But I can't find out who would rent it..!!!
As I mentioned on this blog previous post, now I lived in Mataram coz I worked here. So I lefted my house settled in Penujak Village. My nephew is in that house right now, but I could negotiate with her to leave coz it's totally mine.

But I don't know wether there are any other renters would search for houses next day. Just keep wondering. I just need to got some money to buy laptops and GPRS modem in order to be a serious adsense publisher and other internet marketing.
Hope I could get that soon...

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ardhie said...

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is there anyone want to rent my property?