01 April 2009

New Blog Template

In order to make this blog look more professional, and to avoid visitor think that this blog is just for fun, I used change this blog template with the one you seen now. This blogger template is presented by Vietnam-Blogger. Nice theme I think. That's why I finally used this template, with some customization here and there, but not fully customized as I wanted yet honestly.

Thanks to anyone who ever create this awesome template. You worth your work. I'd customized the 125x125 ad section to be purchased by anyone who need it, but if you would like to put your banner there, you could just contact me. For a while, this 125x125 adslot stood for free. No need to linkback to this blog or my other blogs, sites or forums, just give it a shot. It's completelly free...

Why did I won't put paid ads or put links to my sites at that banner? I just wanna give it free to my readers. Just wanna have more friends. Please don't bugs me anymore with such questions. Just give me your links and your picture url, and soon, you'll get your ads appear here.

That's all for this post, hope it could give you something to do with this blog.

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